Mineral Product dresses the walls of Galeries Lafayette’s sanitary facilities

As part of renovations to the sanitary facilities of the 6th floor, Mineral Product was entrusted with the installation of tiles in the sanitary ware, in collaboration with O’zone Architectures.

Les Galeries Lafayette

An iconic Parisian department store, the Galeries Lafayette was founded by Théophile Bader and his cousin Alphonse Kahn in 1893. Initially, this 70m2 “novelty store” was at the corner of La Fayette street and rue de la Chaussée d Antin. Acquiring the reputation over the years, Théophile Bader buys the neighboring buildings in turn to become the “grand bazaar” of luxury with the dimensions we know today.

Using major artists from the Nancy School for interior decoration, including Louis Majorelle for the monumental stair railing and ironwork balconies and Jacques Gruber for the neo-Byzantine windows of the famous cupola culminating at 43 meters height, all these elements that register the establishment in Paris Art Nouveau.

Calling on major artists from the Nancy School for an essential institution of Parisian life and a symbol of French heritage, the Lafayette galleries welcome 37 million visitors each year and are thus placed just after the Eiffel Tower as the most visited monument in France. Paris.