Hôtel Lutetia – Work in progress Mineral Product

Inaugurated on December 28, 1910, the construction of the hotel Lutetia was launched by family Boucicaut, founder of the cheap and made by architects Louis-Hippolyte Boileau and Henri Tauzin. Symbol of the roaring twenties and iconic Parisian hotel of art deco, the hotel hosted many artists, intellectuals and writers to the last century.

In 2014, the 5* hotel closed its doors to embark on work of embellishment and attempt to acquire, like the of Parisian palace.

Agency Wilmotte & Associates has been selected to complete the design of the hotel and the brewery with the wishes of “married items architectural art Deco and Art Nouveau of the past with a contemporary design”.

Its Mineral Product the ALROV group entrusted the realization of the flooring of the brewery, the wine cellar and terraces of the hotel. The white marble (Statuario Altissimo) and black (Graphit) were selected for the soils of the brewery.

 The creation of decorative elements, such as these rosettes of Art Deco style, directly assembled at the factory according to a specific layout, illustrate perfectly the choice of agency Wilmotte.

The wine cellar, it is made of decorative coating called “waxed concrete“, black color. It is applied to the soil.

Meeting on 12 July for the opening of the hotel and inSeptember for the inauguration of the brewery of Lutetia.